Sustainability and environment: We value what we trade with.

Sustainability and environment protection are important to us. We literally live of earth’s treasures. Be it minerals, ores, and metals which are processed into steel, stainless steel, and more which then ultimately become screws, nuts and bolts, and other connective parts which we sell.

We act accordingly. I.e. we go easy on resources – ours, those of our customer’s and earth’s. This is what we do:

Packaging and shipping

We use as few packaging as possible and try to send only the necessary amount of units. We also refrain from using unnecessary fillings.

We provide shipping of single parts: Only as much as is really needed.

If possible we recycle and upcycle cartonnage and used packaging.

We always use recycled paper.

Transport trips are done with electric vehicles.

Administration and Office

We use ink-reservoir printers and thus avoid buying new cartridges and waste. We only print what is really needed. We love being digital. Our processes, storehouse logistics and work placed are digital.


We buy green energy from Greenpease Energy. Our servers we rent use green electricity.

External Contracts

Whenever we have to order or be the customers we do pay for CO2-Compensation.